About 30.000 Islands

We feel good on water, frozen or not!

In 1994 we launched a cruise between Grisslehamn and Trosa. Thera are 28.951 islands, islets and skerries between Grisslehamn and Tros. That is quite a tongue-twister when answering the phone, so 30.000 islands it is!

30.000 Islands offers attractive events, conferences and tourist experiences in the Stockholm archipelago. We also love to navigate all the lakes and waterways of Svealand, including the canals of Stockholm. We are a small-scale business that operates with great consideration for the environment and with a unique style. We make sure that all of your wishes are adhered to. Experienced professionals and guides ensure that you visit with us is safe and comprehensive.

All of our experineces are tailor-made to fit you! Wheter you are looking for something in the line of duty or privately, individually or for a group, we will fulfill your requirements.

We are always eager to find new people, coves boats etc to be able to offer you the best events on the market.

After 18 years in the business there is still new ground to break!

30.000 öar privat event skärgården

Bric-a-brac (Facts)

Business Person of the year 2003, Swedish Hospitality Industry.

Boat Owner in the Brig Tre Kronor of Stockholm.

Board Member of the association Brig Tre Kronor of Stockholm.

Contributed to the building of Ösel water treatment plant via Stockholm Water Foundation.

Board member of the Swedish Association of Ecotourism1998-2003. After the launch of Natures Best we considered our job to be done and passed over the relay baton.

Active in “Visit Skärgåden”.


Bengt Kull, Island Captain and Managing Director