30.000 Islands has no guides. We call ourselves island captains!

To sail, navigate, ice skate, paddle etc is easy. Of course we are experts in all these fields, but what we are best at are all the tiny details that make our activities superior and memorable. These are the tiny details that weave the experiences together and make them unforgettable. You may not even notice them individually, but together they everything. Dare to dare is our motto. Come dare with us!

ice skating winter stockholm

Cecilia Lagersvärd
Trained archipelago guide. Knows everything about the archipelago in particular and Stockholm in general.

Bengt Larsson
The best skipper in the archipelago. For north to south. Hunting is his big passion. Expert skeet shooter.

Anders Tysk
Ice surveyor for The Stockholm Ice Skate Sailing and Touring Club, general of Vikingarännet. He guides us on ice that no one else can. Birdwatcher. Skilled sailor and kayak paddler.

Roger Granath
Firefighter that sails tha archipelago all year around. Expert at organizing island based team building.

Pierre-Michael Egholt
Is at home with lurking around nature, preferably in a kayak.

Svenska Lyxorkestern
Janne Bengtsson, Anders Forslund, Peter Gardemar, Bengan Jansson and many more. Two, three, four or more of these excellent musicians often plays at our events.

Fredrik Eriksson
No one knows more about Swedish cuisine. There is no room to tell you about everything he’s done and won. If we need something really special when it comes to food we give Fredik a call.

Kristian Brandt
Experienced raft builder that organizes unusual and fulfilling team building exercises. His outstanding imagination helps him to create events out of the ordinary that you won’t forget in a jiffy.

Tomas Gustavson
Presentation superfluous. Threefold Olympic ice skating champion, today devoted nordic skater and motivational speaker.

Lars Fågelberg
A true Island Captain with his base on Orrön and aboard M/Y Arbetsbåten. We love to make Orrön a port of call to enjoy Eva’s excellent cooking, aty in the seaside cottages, build rafts on a meadow next to the sea or maybe just take a sauna.

Bengt Kull
CEO, owner, and the Island Captain of Island Captains. Knowa a little bit about everything and makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together.

There are many more depending on what you need!