Swedish Skating Adventure

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Some nostalgia!

swedish skating adventure

It’s always better than you think!

This is the story of perhaps our best excursion ever. Two years ago in the beginning of February, it had snowed on the Wednesday and Thursday, between minus 5 and 10 degrees, a blanket of snow everywhere. After we had collected our Dutch guests from Arlanda Airport on the Friday there were a couple of laps made on a ploughed track in Norrviken. Afterwards, a walk through to Edsviken, for a journey on a cleared trail to Ulriksdal. Then further by foot to Brunnsviken and Stallmästargården. Sun, no wind and a couple of degrees below freezing, 40 km in our legs, and everyone happy.

The hotel for the first night was the charming Krusenbergs Herrgård near Stockholm, as we had no idea where we were to go on the Saturday; the hotel had to be central. After taking a sauna and a dip in Mälaren and eating a fantastic meal Anders received good news that Vättern was ice-covered. This was too good to miss, an early breakfast and away. At 10:30 we step out onto the ice in Motala. An endless mirror of glistening ice welcomes us in glorious sunshine. The water in Vättern is very clear and the ice is clear, one can see the bottom at 10 meters, a strange sensation. A sheer and utter joy! We carve our way forward and the ice talks to us. The early start and the bus journey are fast forgotten. On the bus to Södertuna Castle there was after-skate with song and laughter. Anders doesn’t give in and tells us all that tomorrows trip will be on the newly frozen ice outside Arkösund, in the Baltic. Södertuna Castle has a sauna that can’t be beat! The hotel has an immensely historic feeling about it and the food is great. It was not difficult to fall asleep.Breakfast, and then the bus to Kolmården, followed by the car ferry over to Arkösund. And what a day it was. Perfect ice to the outer most ice edge at the farthest skerries, lunch bathed by wonderful sunshine, and a view over the sea beyond, how good it can get!

Who would’ve thought it! The fact is, sometimes we ourselves are surprised by just how good it gets!