The Archipelago

Welcome to our world!

A living, breathing, world, and at the same time, unspoiled. A world that you could hardly describe in mere words and pictures, though many poets have tried, painters painted and performers performed. Stockholm’s archipelago must be seen to be believed. Your senses can never be substituted for words, pictures or sounds. It’s one of the world’s best kept secrets as a lyrical English journalist once described after discovering our world.

sun archipelago 30.000 Islands Stockholm

The archipelago will give you an experience greater than the usual. The ever changing scenery, the narrow passages to the open waters, the small red cottages that appear for a while on the islands in the straits before disappearing once more in the thick foliage of the forest, a typical coastal boat that appears from behind a headland; the strait is open for a few moments so let us grab the moment and make forth, full sail; smooth rounded rocks, shaped by the ice age; marshy coastal fields where cows and sheep graze the day away. If we have any luck maybe we’ll see an elk, maybe seals or even a sea eagle that will follow our wake. A world of lofty mountain headlands and small skerries, littered with elm bushes and rowans.

Stockholm Archipelago

The garden of islands, our archipelago, is our joy and our laughter, our excitement and our food, our music and a dance. The archipelago provides calm and rest, it is our shelter in a storm.

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