Winter and ice

Bambi or professional. Everyone is welcome.

Foreign guests and new Swedes may not be that used to winter, ice and snow. Maybe Nordic skating is a bit too much, but it’s exciting and exotic just being on the ice.

An ice breaking vessel might get us out on the ice. A latter takes us down on the “upper ocean floor” and a whole world of activities opens up: Ice fishing, skating, kick-sleds and maybe an iceboat. Open fires and tents to get warm in. Something to do for everybody! Discover winter in the archipelago or Mälaren by hovercraft. If you’re experienced Nordic skaters we are not afraid to try new and exciting ices.

vinter skärgård 30.000 öar

A few hours on the ice for some fresh air between conference meetings.

Choose a resort by the seaside and we will bring the equipment and guides to you.

Ice/Winter guarantee!

No ice, no snow or to much snow on the ice? Don´t worry we have winter activities for all weather and conditions. It is important that everyone has the right clothing and equipment. Our Island  Captains will make you feel sound and safe. In our stockpile of winter activities you can find anything and everything that is needed for a day on the ice or in the snow.

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